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Ecotourism Growing in Myrtle Beach

From North Myrtle Beach to Georgetown communities are working towards becoming  eco friendly tourist destinations.  Implementing renewable energy is one of the approaches being used in North Myrtle Beach to become green. The Chamber of Commerce has been actively involved with establishing and supporting the use of such energy sources, particularly wind energy. The goal is to make this area entirely energy independent in a fully sustainable manner. Even the proposed new Chamber of Commerce building is going to be built so that it is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Various spectacular sightseeing spots that you’ll find at North Myrtle Beach are relatively unscathed by commercial development. This is why, if you are in the search of pristine natural beauty, this is the ultimate location for you.

Dolphin Tour

  • Waites Island, one of the very last barrier islands on this coast that enjoy the freedom from human development activities.
  • -Take a relaxing horseback ride surrounded by nature on the countless trailshere.
  • -If patience is your strong suit, then fishing at North Myrtle Beach is something you simply need to do. You’ll find nothing quite as relaxing as waiting to hook a catch at the numerous backwater creeks and saltwater inlets that are readily available here.
  • -For you more adventurous visitors, North Myrtle Beach offers sailboat and kayak rentals as well as jet skiing too.
  • -You can even parasail over the crystal clear waters or take one of the dolphin watch tours.
  • If you prefer the mysterious world of underwater life, then a scuba diving expedition is ideal for you. Enjoy the joy of exploring ship wrecks deep under the ocean or simply just observe the vividly colored sea creatures in their natural habitat down under.
  • -The salt water wetlands and barrier islands are home to an outstanding variety of sea creatures and birds that you cannot catch sight of anywhere else.

For more information on ecotourism visit myrtlebeachecotourism.

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