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8 Free Things to Do in North Myrtle Beach During Spring Break

If you haven’t already booked your family’s spring break vacation we have 7 FREE reasons that you should.

Take a look at our favorite FREE things to do in North Myrtle Beach and maximize your family vacation by saving a little dough!

  1. Explore the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve in Cherry Grove The preserve in Cherry Grove is well-kept secret, but it shouldn’t be! It is the prefect place to bring your family to spend the afternoon watching the birds dive for fish and the crabs scurry around. There are placards along this easy walkway that will teach you and your children about the native wildlife of the Cherry Grove Marsh. If you catch the tide at the right time, usually right when it starts coming in the marsh at high-tide, you may even see some dolphins coming to feed! Locals Tip: Be sure to park at the boat landing at the end of 53rd Ave N. and walk down to the preserve as there is no parking at the entrance. Great video of the park on YouTube HERE.
  2. Check out T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station at Barefoot Landing The Preservation Station is a free living tiger exhibit where you can get up close and personal with the world’s rarest tigers. You can also visit with the tiger cubs, apes, and lots of other animals that call the preservation station home. Visiting is free, but for a fee you can pay to hold a tiger cub and have your picture taken.
  3. Volunteer to help the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol Learning to respect wildlife should be a part of your beach vacation. You can volunteer to help the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol where you and your children can learn about our favorite native species the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.
  4. Explore Vereen Memorial Historic Gardens The Vereen Botanical Gardens feature hiking trails and wooden walkways that are sure to keep your family entertained with nature all afternoon. Explore the salt marshes and small islands that make up this beautiful park all for free! Bring lunch and have a nice picnic in the gazebo that overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway. You don’t want to miss this beautiful park.
  5. Host Your Own Beach Scavenger Hunt One of the easiest and sure to be most memorable part of your beach vacation, a scavenger hunt can keep your family entertained for hours. Make a list of items they have to find and see who can scour the beach and gather them all first! We even found a handy printable for you to use!
  6. Stroll the Boardwalk at Barefoot Landing Enjoy the boardwalks of Barefoot Landing and great views of the large Lewis Pond. While Barefoot Landing is primarily a shopping complex, nothing is stopping you from enjoying the boardwalks that connect its shops. These make for great picture opportunities! Catch free fireworks displays during the summer months.
  7. Nearly Free – Visit the NMB Historical Museum The NMB Historical Museum was completed just a few years ago and it makes for a great way to learn about the North Myrtle Beach area. Entry is only $5 for adults and $3 for children. The exhibits are ever changing and they are always entertaining and enlightening. Be sure to stop by during your North Myrtle Beach vacation.

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