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Tips for Disabled Travelers to the Beach

We frequently receive questions about handicap accessible options for visitors of North Myrtle Beach so I wanted to list some information here that may be helpful to guests of our area with disabilities. We would also like to invite you to contact us to share your personal travel tips and experiences so that we may update this post with relevant information that may help other travelers to our area.

In North Myrtle Beach, beach access wheelchairs are available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  These chairs are sturdy and come equipped with an umbrella and large balloon tires that are easy to push through soft sand. For further information call (843) 280-5584.

North Myrtle Beach handicap beach access is available at:

  1. Main Street
  2. Sea Mountain Hwy.
  3. 4th Ave. N.
  4. 6th Ave. S.
  5. 9th Ave. S.
  6. 15th Ave. S.
  7. 17th Ave. S.
  8. 21st Ave. S.
  9. 27th Ave. S.
  10. 39th Ave. S.
  11. 46th Ave. S.

Myrtle Beach has 114 public beach access points (street ends, parks and other access points).  Here is the list of those public locations, from south to north that are either fully accessible or that have a beach access ramp. An asterisk (*) indicates beach access ramps only.

  1. 29th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  2. 27th Avenue South  *
  3. 24th Avenue South *
  4. Hurl Rock Park at 20th Avenue South (fully accessible)
  5. 1809 South Ocean Boulevard *
  6. 1703 South Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  7. 16th Avenue South *
  8. 15th Avenue South *
  9. 12th Avenue South *
  10. 10th Avenue South *
  11. 9th Avenue South *
  12. 3rd Avenue South (fully accessible)
  13. 1st Avenue North *
  14. 2nd Avenue North (fully accessible)
  15. 4th Avenue North *
  16. 7th Avenue North *
  17. Plyler Park *
  18. 13th Avenue North *
  19. 16th Avenue North *
  20. 1802 North Ocean Boulevard *
  21. Anderson Park *
  22. 25th Avenue North *
  23. 31st Avenue North *
  24. 38th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  25. 41st Avenue North (fully accessible)
  26. 44th Avenue North *
  27. Gardens by the Sea, 5400 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  28. Seaside Place *
  29. 64th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  30. 69th Avenue North *
  31. 70th Avenue North *

For more information on wheel chairs for the handicapped, please visit the City of Myrtle Beach Handicapped Accessibility page.

Parking and Parking Meters

Under South Carolina law, anyone with a valid handicapped hang tag or license plate, as well as anyone with a valid Disabled American Veterans or Purple Heart license plate, may park for free at any parking meter in the state.

We want everybody to feel welcome and enjoy the beach.  Once again if you have any tips or suggestions please let us know.

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    Rochelle Garwood

    March 18, 2013 at 4:35 am

    I just wanted to add that the beach wheelchairs in North Myrtle Beach are actually available year-round. In the off-season, they have them at the main Parks & Rec office on Possum Trot Road. They are only available on days the office is open (mostly M-F, I was told, with occasional Saturdays depending on events), but may still be reserved in advance and for up to a week. The phone number listed on the North Myrtle Beach Parks & Rec website for beach wheelchairs doesn’t work this time of year, but calling the Parks & Rec office itself worked for me.

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