Myrtle Beach Bingo

Who’s ready for some bingo? For some Myrtle Beach bingo is one of the hottest tickets in town. With no shortage of places to play and chances to win some really big prizes Myrtle Beach keeps bingo lovers happy.

Bingo Etiquette:

No two places have the exact same rules or operating procedures so make sure you read over the posted rules before your session begins. Most bingo halls have regular players who may lay claim to a lucky seat. If you are new and someone politely asks you to move or scoot over don’t take it personally, just accommodate them. Maybe some of their good luck will rub off on you. Always make double sure you actually have bingo before calling it out. Players will get frustrated if the game is stopped and you don’t really have bingo. Be respectful of non-smokers and smoke only in designated areas. Bring a photo ID with you in case you hit a big jackpot. Feel free to ask questions of the operators or those working at the bingo hall, they are there to make sure you have a good time.

Now that you have the rules of etiquette down here’s a list of bingo halls in Myrtle Beach:

North Myrtle Beach Bingo- Located on Hwy. 9 in North Myrtle Beach
Big Bucks Bingo- Dick Pond Road Myrtle Beach 843-215-3484
Bonus Time Bingo- 1101 Spring Ave. Myrtle Beach 843-233-9309
Garden City Bingo- 2152 S. Highway 17 Murrells Inlet , SC 843-357-2274
Myrtle Beach Bingo- 700 S. Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 843-444-4050

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Hilary is from Conway, SC and has been a lifelong visitor to North Myrtle Beach. She has lived in North Myrtle Beach permanently since 2009. A graduate of CCU’s History program, Hilary enjoys the local history and legend of the low-country as well as the modern growth of the tourism industry in Myrtle Beach. She works as a Marketing and Guest Services Assistant for Elliott Beach Rentals where she has been given the freedom to express her love and enthusiasm for the Grand Strand.


  1. Good Idea, something I never would have thought to check out while in Myrtle Beach. Thanks for letting me know where to go.

  2. Love to play bingo everytime I come to town. One time I won enough to pay for my entire vacation.

  3. We’re thinking about taking our 2 kids age range 4 & 7 to Myrtle beach and wondered that which was the very best resort for families? We wish to possess a condo. I am not so familier with Myrtle Beach and so i take some help!!!!

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