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New Ordinance in North Myrtle Beach

If you dig it, fill it back up before you leave.

A new law is in effect in North Myrtle Beach which will govern the digging of holes on the beach.  Under the law, anyone who digs a hole, trench, or depression on the beach deeper than 12 inches must fill it in before leaving the beach.

According to the city’s public information officer Pat Dowling, the new law was passed to prevent people from walking into a hole and risking personal injury, to protect people from hazards associated with collapsing sand; to allow public safety, emergency and beach cleaning vehicles to conduct necessary activities on the beach, while minimizing the risk of personal injury or damage to equipment; and to help preserve sea turtle habitat.

Dowling says beach services personnel will work to educate residents and visitors about the requirements of the new law. Those who steadfastly refuse to abide by the new law could be fined $100.

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