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We admit that we have a case of the Pinterest fever that is sweeping the Internet.  It could be worse, we could have a massive case of Beiber fever which would not really do you any good and quite frankly we would never admit to on this blog even if we did have it.  Luckily for you though, our Pinterest fever can help cure your cabin fever.  Just head on over to our Pinterest boards and re-pin all of the warm and sunny photos of Myrtle Beach, remember a few of the great restaurants that you visited when you were here or make your own Myrtle Beach board and use it plan your next vacation.  Pick out which one of our vacation rental properties you plan to stay in and then start pinning all the great attractions you plan to visit, pin some of your pictures of Myrtle Beach and next thing you know your going to be in a beachy state of mind.

If you need an invitation for Pinterest let us know and we’ll get one right out to you.  If you’re already one of the many Pinterest addicts you can follow our Myrtle Beach boards where we pin everything Myrtle Beach related.  For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is here’s the basics:  It’s a virtual pin-board that allows you to save and organize images, blogs and websites that you like and share them with other people who are interested in the same things.

Here's a Screenshot of the Elliott Beach Rentals Pinterest Page









While your online now is also the perfect time to reserve your vacation rental home or condo for your 2012 Myrtle Beach vacation.  Check out  Seaside Resort for some beautiful North Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos that are not only affordable but also offer amenities that you would expect at a much pricier Myrtle Beach resort.

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Hilary is from Conway, SC and has been a lifelong visitor to North Myrtle Beach. She has lived in North Myrtle Beach permanently since 2009. A graduate of CCU’s History program, Hilary enjoys the local history and legend of the low-country as well as the modern growth of the tourism industry in Myrtle Beach. She works as a Marketing and Guest Services Assistant for Elliott Beach Rentals where she has been given the freedom to express her love and enthusiasm for the Grand Strand.


  1. I was not aware of Pinterest but now I am hooked! I really enjoyed checking out the Elliott Realty pins! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Pinterst! Following your boards now. Thanks.

  3. Pinterest is great, really enjoying your boards.

  4. Can you send me an invite for Pinterest?

  5. Email me at your email address Sandra and we can send you an invite if you have not received one.

  6. My pal and that i are departing for a week at myrtle beach and plan to stay in the Cherry Grove area. We found this are to be perfect for our needs and close enough to everything without having to drive very far for restaurants and attractions. We will be looking to book a condo in the next month. Can’t wait to be at the beach again.

  7. We love Pinterest. Thanks for inviting us to your page.

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