Myrtle Beach Golf Tips from a Pro

It’s not very often that a world class golf expert gives away some of his top tips for free.  There’s more to improving your Myrtle Beach golf score than just playing the game and you’ll be surprised at how much you can lower your handicap with just a little help from an experienced teacher.  We consider ourselves very lucky that Myrtle Beach’s own Nick Bradley has put together a series of three no cost videos on how to improve your game.  Nick is the bestselling author of The Seven Laws of the Golf Swing, The 7 Situations of Golf and Feeling Images for Great Golf and has had incredible success coaching both PGA Tour champions as well as casual weekend golfers using his innovative techniques and coaching style.  His ability to create massive change in the quality of golf experienced by Tour players and Amateurs alike is unparalleled.

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Myrtle Beach is recognized as the preferred golf hotspot in the country.  With our mild climate which allows for year round play and an amazing selection of golf courses to choose from it’s no secret that golfers love Myrtle Beach.  For help planning your Myrtle Beach golf vacation visit

Myrtle Beach Golf Authority

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  1. Been planing to come down to Myrtle Beach for a golf trip, thanks for the information.

  2. avatar Mitchell says:

    I’ll be remaining at North Myrtle Beach for around five days, and I’m wondering in which the least expensive spot to rent a golf buggy as well as scooter is. The least expensive I’ve come across is $40 each day.

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